Ignite Your Soul with Sound

Alchemy™ quartz crystal singing bowls are not just heard by the ear, but by the whole body. Here are some of the benefits:

*Reduced stress and pain

*Release of grief, depression, anxiety

*Strengthened immune system

*Creation of more harmonious relationships

*Increased joy, confidence and sense of purpose

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Your Voice is your most powerful sound therapy tool!

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Helps to release stress and anxiety

Sound vibrations help to reduce anxiety and stress. They also help your brain enter a deep meditative state, which creates an environment conducive to cleansing and healing.

Decreases blood pressure and balances your nervous system

The sound vibrations produced in sound baths bring physiological as well as psychological benefits. When you enter a mindful meditative state, your blood pressure and heart rate are reduced.

Helps you to focus better and achieve a deep meditative state 

Meditation has many healing benefits but attaining a full meditative state with a completely clear mind is not easy. The vibrations produced during a sound bath compel you to focus on the intense sounds, which helps you keep your mind clear of thoughts and distractions.

Helps balance your chakra and makes you feel relaxed 

Sound healing creates a completely safe and relaxed space. When you are lying in a comfortable and restorative pose, sound bathing can allow your body to feel more relaxed. It helps your mind let go of thoughts and rejuvenates and recharges you.

Helps you find inner peace 

A sound session helps you completely reset your mind and reconnect with yourself. The healing vibrations expand your consciousness and bring inner peace.

What can I expect?

Prepare your body and soul

Preparing for a sound bath means preparing yourself for physical and emotional cleansing and healing. Bringing any emotions or thoughts to your sound bath session can inhibit the healing and cleansing process. Be aware of your thought process and try to avoid distraction in order to fully benefit from the practice.

Being mindful in anticipation for your sound bath will help relax and prepare you for the process of sound healing. On the day of your sound bath, spend your day reading and relaxing.

During a sound healing session, everyone will feel intense vibrations surrounding their body. Some will receive those vibrations and feel themselves moving to a meditative state. Others may experience emotional release.

Some things to consider before

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Sound waves travel better through water. When you are well hydrated, you will have a better experience. 

Eat light and healthy food. A sound bath becomes more impactful when you have an empty stomach.

Set your intentions and be positive.

Wear warm, comfortable and flexible clothing.

Settle yourself in the space with a calm mind. 

Your experience will be unique to your needs

Your session will begin with a grounding embodiment or visualization exercise which gradually quietens your body and mind. You can remain seated or lay down in savasana to feel comfortable and relaxed. The complete experience will last for 50 minutes.

Every person experiences sound bathing differently. It may shift you into a state of deep relaxation or an altered state of consciousness, or you may even find yourself falling asleep, which is fine.

Different sound bath instruments serve different purposes. Crystal and singing bowls help to keep you grounded, resonate with your chakra and allow you to attain a meditative state. Bells and gongs help to remove deeply stuck energy, and drumming helps improve focus by stimulating your energy center.


Hi, I'm Liz.

A few years ago I made a decision to leave my corporate career and venture out on my own. I had spent over 25 years working for others, and following a path that did not feel aligned.

I made a choice to begin investing in my own self-discovery and evolution, and one of the first things I did was my RYT200 Yoga Teacher training. This is when I re-connected to sound, found my soul and felt my spirit come alive.

One of the other teachers played a recording of a Crystal bowl sound bath during Shavasana (Sanskrit: शवासन;) and I experienced such a profound shift and emotional connection to more than just myself. When I got home I began researching crystal bowls, and so my journey into Sound Healing began...

Sound is energy, energy is potential, and potential is infinite. I would be honoured to guide you back to your soul, and help you reconnect to your spirit through through sound.




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